The 1969 Cubs "Long Remembered - Never Forgotten" by Fergie Jenkins

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An integrated league was discovering its strength. A chewing gum magnate was shaping his unique franchise's identity. The stage was set for the 1969 Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, where the lights didn't shine at night, but they did in the eyes of every hopeful fan. They were a team that didn't go all the way, yet they may have done more for the future of the franchise and perhaps the role of its fans than any Cubs teams that preceded it. Get the view from the pitcher’s mound as Hall-of-Fame legend Ferguson Jenkins gives his first-hand accounts and personal insights into that historic season and the team that helped bring America's pastime into our living rooms. Readers, especially Cubs fans, will regale as they are treated to the relationships on the team, the community surrounding Wrigley Field and the fans of all backgrounds who swelled with optimism and provided a virtual extended family to the players. These memories are made real through incredible statistics and athletic feats. In this book, time trip back to 1969 with Fergie Jenkins and countless notable athletes, journalists and sports aficionados, to make those memories yours as well.
“The team that captured Chicago’s imagination….” ~David Kaplan, ESPN 1000
  • Paperback
  • 248 Pages
  • By Fergie Jenkins

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