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Chicago Cubs Summer Highlights June-July 2017

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Chicago Cubs Happenings For June

A Player Is Demoted & Trump Gets A Visit

June was full of activity for the Cubs, not all of it positive. At the time, struggling outfielder Kyle Schwarber was demoted to the Triple-A Iowa just as the team was readying to embark on a road trip spanning 11 games. Kyle himself was not upset or surprised with this turn of events, agreeing that the numbers spoke for themselves.

Another event for the Cubs in June was their trip to the White House. It came about with team manager Joe Maddon planning a visit to a friend in congress, which he decided to parlay into a visit to the president involving the whole team. Besides showing respect to the president, it seems Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts was a donator to Trump’s campaign, which likely is another leading factor for the visit.

Cubs Begin Selling $200 Ivy Leaves

For something a bit odder concerning the Cubs during June, it was announced to season ticket holders that they could purchase Ivy leaves plucked from the field after the 2016 Championships. The leaves themselves came at a price of $200 a piece and only 2016 would be sold in-all. The Cubs have sold all sorts of things under the auspice of their new-found relevance, including the first-base bag that was part of a play which clinched the title, as Anthony Rizzo stepped onto it. The bag sold for over $100,000.

The very end of June was marked with chatter about who would be traded in the upcoming month with lots of rumors and theories milling-about between Cubs fans and analysts.

Now For A Look At The Cubs During July

A New Fan Favorite Emerges

July began and Cubs fans seemed to have found a new fan favorite in Jon Jay. Getting off the bench for his first curtain-call as a Cub – the new face gave all 40,000 fans a “wow” face and received a standing ovation for tying a game in the 6th inning with his pinch-hit three-run homer that tied the game 3-3.

Trades Begin

This month also began the start of actual trades for the Cubs as they jump started the July 31st trade deadline. Catcher Miguel Montero was traded to the Blue Jays in exchange for a player yet-to-be named. In a blockbuster deal with the White Sox, the Cubs grabbed Jose Quintana in exchange for Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease, Matt Rose and Bryant Flete. Travis Wood was traded to the Padres. More trades are to come and the Cubs are reportedly interested in grabbing Yu Darvish from Texas and Justin Verlander from Detroit.

Summary of 2017 Cubs Season Stats Thus Far

Cubs 51-47 & 2nd Place In NL Central

So far this season, the Cubs have a 51-47 record with 456 runs and 435 runs allowed. They are in 2nd place of the NL Central. Their longest winning streak has been 6 games from July 14th to July 19th and longest losing streak 6 games from May 26th to May 31st. Their longest game was Sunday, May 7th with a whopping 18 innings. We’ll have to keep our eyes open heading into August to see what other trades go down and how they fair with their game-results and league standings – it should be interesting!

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